Water & Wastewater Rates / Payment Methods

Water & Wastewater Rates

Water:            $3.00  per cubic metre of water (or part of) consumed
Flat Rate:       $10.00 per month

Sewer:            $3.10 per cubic metre of water consumed
Flat Rate:       $10.00 per month

Payment Methods

Due to the variable nature of the billing (we do not have a flat rate utility service) it is not possible to offer direct debit as a means of payment.

Utility bills can be paid by:

Visiting the Town Administration Office, and making payment in person by either cheque, cash, or debit card (only).

Online Payments, offered by most financial institutions directly from your bank account. 

Please search for: Town of Bowden or Bowden Town of and Select the option, 'Utilities' (not taxes).

Credit Card Payments, (online only) via the Pay Simply payment option.

Please select: Bowden (Town) Utilities.

Please take note of the processing times (and how this may affect late payment fees).