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Your annual property assessment reflects the estimated market value of your property based on the open market. 

Market value assessments are made each year by property assessors using mass appraisal techniques (analysis of sales and market conditions and trends). Property assessments are also influenced by improvements or modifications you make to your property.

Real estate market conditions may change from the valuation date to when you receive your current assessment. 

If you require more information or have any questions about your assessment, in the first instance please contact the Town Administration Office at 403-224-3395.

We will work with you to answer your query. 

If however there is a reasonable doubt that your assessment might be wrong, the Town can approach its appointed Municipal Assessor (Wild Rose Assessment Services) in order to arrange for a property reassessment to be made.

If the Assessor agrees that your assessment is not accurate, a revised notice will be issued (please note that a revised assessment decision could be made either way – up or down).

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the Assessor review and revaluation you then have the option of appealing the assessment to the Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board.

The Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board consists of trained appointed officials who are responsible for hearing and reviewing any formal complaints made regarding property tax assessments (this is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Part 11 of the Municipal Government Act).