Planning Authorities, Planning Decisions & Appeal Bodies

Part 17, Division 3, Municipal Government Act.

Red Deer County has delegated authority, enacted by Bylaw, to act for the Town of Bowden as the:

  1. Development Authority
  2. Subdivision Development Authority
  3. Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

Part 17, Division 5, Municipal Government Act.

Every Municipality must adopt a Land Use Bylaw.

The Land Use Bylaw sets out the rules and regulations that control the use and development of land & buildings within the Town as well as the process for making development permit decisions.

A Red Deer County Development Officer is authorized to make decisions on development permit applicatons provided they are "permitted use" with no variances or relaxations of the Land Use Bylaw.

In cases where the use is deemed to be a "discretionary use" or where a "variance" to the Land Use Bylaw is required, the permit application  will be referred to the Town of Bowden Municipal Planning Commission.

Part 17, Division 5, Section 638, Municipal Government Act. 

There are currently no policies, approved by Council resolution, that affect or have bearing on the decision making process within Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act.

Part 17, Division 3, Section 626 Municipal Government Act.

The Municipal Planning Committee, established by Bylaw, consists of all Town Councillors.  

The MPC meets as required according to either need or statutory requirement to act as the authority for development applications referred to it by Red Deer County Development Officers, in accordance with the procedures set out in the Town of Bowden Land Use Bylaw.  

Part 17, Division 3, Municipal Government Act.

The Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB), established by Bylaw, is authorized to exercise appeal proceedings on behalf of the Town. 

The SDAB service is provided by Red Deer County.