Concerns, Feedback & Communication

The Town’s communication policy is to ensure that all requests, inquiries, or complaints regarding civic affairs are given proper consideration and are dealt in a fair, open and timely manner. 

Formal Complaints

Residents, persons, or organizations may submit a formal complaint by letter, email or in person in accordance with the procedures outlined below.

  • A complaint should be made to the Chief Administrative Officer if the nature of the complaint is in relation to a matter of a Town service, or a complaint regarding a Town employee (email to:
  • A complaint should be made to the Mayor if the nature of the complaint is in relation to a matter of Council policy / resolution / action, or a complaint regarding a Town Councillor (email to:

Your communication must be concise and accurate, and you must provide any supporting documentation or information that supports the complaint such as photographs or witness statements. 

You will receive written confirmation of receipt of your communication within 5 working days and will be further provided with an indication of the proposed next course of action including timescales.

Please note that any complaint made:

  • against a Town employee will consider the protection of the employee’s personal information
  • to the Mayor may have to be discussed at a Council meeting and given the nature of such meetings there should be an expectation that the complaint may be disclosed publicly (however personal information may be removed as deemed appropriate).

A formal complaint must be made in writing, using a Service Request Form (or via written letter).

Please download the form, complete, and deliver in person to the Town Administration Office or scan and email to:

Service Request Form.

Communication: Requests & Inquiries

In most cases it may be more appropriate to request Town Administration to consider action on a matter or for residents to suggest a change in which case you can submit a request by completing and submitting the on-line form below.