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Projects Completed

 The Town has recently completed the following public works / civil infrastructure projects:

  • replacement of a major section of the water main along Highway 2A
  • relining and restoration of 54 sewer manholes to reduce stormwater infiltration
  • sanitary sewer flushing within all areas of the Town
  • sidewalk concrete repairs
  • road patching (new section by 17th Avenue - Golf Course parking lot) 
  • upgrade of the Pumphouse IT equipment, SCADA software and pressure control valves
  • installation of a bulk water sales facility at the Pumphouse
  • construction of a new RV dump station
  • replacement of the road surface on 22nd Street commencing at 21st Avenue up to the junction with Highway 587
  • installation of solar crossing light at junction of 21st Avenue and 22nd Street (school crossing)

Forthcoming Projects

  • upgrade of Pumphouse Header Tank (capacity flow increase)
  • new Town walking trails
  • update of playground (at Arena Park)