AAIP - Rural Renewal Stream

1 May 2024

Please note: 

The Town is ONLY accepting applications from the 4 business currently accepted into this scheme. 

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program - Rural Renewal Stream addresses current labour needs and skill shortages in rural Alberta communities and helps newcomers settle into the community. 

This stream requires a community to apply to the Government of Alberta for community designation. The Town of Bowden was accepted into this program in September 2022 in partnership with the Town of Innisfail.

The Town of Bowden works with local employers to attract, recruit, and retain newcomers into the local workplace.

All candidates must meet all of the criteria for the Rural Renewal Stream.

Once an application is submitted the information will be reviewed by the Town to ensure that the candidate meets all the personal criteria and program eligibility.  Once the Town has met the applicant and is satisfied the eligibility criteria have been met then a Community Support Letter will be provided to the candidate.

All of the following information must be submitted to the Town in order for the Town to provide the candidate with a community support letter.

  1. Completed Rural Renewal Stream Employer Application Form.
  2. Copy of signed Job Offer Letter from the Employer.
  3. Copy of Work Permit issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
  4. Copy of Passport (photo page).
  5. Copy of IELTS Test Report Form (English language speaking test).
  6. Copy of vocational training certificate (if applicable).
  7. Current civic address and email address (all candidates MUST live / reside within the Town of Bowden).

A Rural Renewal Stream Fact Sheet is attached below.

RRS Fact Sheet

Employers must complete and submit an Employer Application Form in support of their candidates.

Town of Bowden - Employer Application Form

Additional further information is provided by the Alberta Government on the web site:

Link to Alberta Government Web Site

Further information for Employers relating to immigration works is provided below:

Government of Canada - "The Employers Roadmap"

Alberta Employment & Immigration / CAEP Employer Guide - "Attracting & Retaining Immigrants"