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The Bowden Igloo Arena is a great local facility for skaters of all skill levels. 

Home to Bowden Minor Hockey, Bowden Figure Skating Club, and many other adult teams, the Bowden "Igloo" Arena is a popular place for recreational activity during the winter months.

The Arena can be booked for spring and summer recreational activities (eg: lacrosse).

COVID restrictions are currently in place.

The Town will be operating the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) from November 22, 2021 as mandated by Council resolution on November 8, 2021.

In summary this is as follows:

Order 45-2021 – Restrictions Exemption Program

If the facility chooses to implement the REP, the entire facility must operator under this REP, even if the facility is broken down into groups and/or activities (hockey, skating, curling, etc.)

Masking is required at all times in common areas unless an individual has a masking exemption. Exemptions for health conditions can be found under section C of Order 45-2021. Masks can be removed while participating in an indoor physical activity. 

To participate in the REP, an eligible participant must screen every patron and attendee (over the age of 12) for one of the following: 

(a) Proof of vaccination;

(b) Proof of a negative COVID-19 test result from a sample that is taken within the prior 72 hours;

(c) Original vaccine medical exception letter.

It is the responsibility of the facility to ask an individual for this information and it is the responsibility of the patron or attendee to present it. In addition to proof of vaccination, patrons and/or attendees who are 18 years of age and older are required to provide personal identification. The facility should be checking to make sure the ID matches the proof of vaccination.

 It is also important to note that youth under the age of 18 are not required to show proof of vaccination while participating in a sport or activity. 

Food can be served from the concession while operating under the REP. Patrons and attendees can remove their mask while seated at a table while consuming food or drink or, if standing at a standing table while consuming food or drink, as long as the person remains at the standing table at all times while consuming the food 

A summary of the REP Program is provided below:

REP Program Requirements