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Bylaws are generally enforced by the Town of Bowden Bylaw Enforcement Officer, but compliance can also be enforced in full or part by Peace Officers, Sheriffs and the RCMP.

The Town of Bowden contracts with Red Deer County for the provision of Peace Officer services typically to ensure compliance with both Provincial and Municipal road traffic regulations.

While the Town actively pursues a diligent program of Bylaw enforcement, our policy in the first instance is to warn residents of any misdemeanor through the issue of a verbal warning notice or a written warning letter. 

Our philosophy is resolve issues or complaints received through a process of community engagement and education. 

The overall aim however is to ensure that Bylaws are followed by everyone for the benefit of all residents within our community.

The Town actively encourages residents to comply with any warning notice issued. 

A penalty fine will however be issued if a warning notice is ignored. 

Note: A penalty fine may be issued for a first offence (without warning) dependent on the nature or severity of the offence.

Reference should be made to the Town of Bowden Bylaw Enforcement Policy for further information on bylaw enforcement procedures.