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Urban Hen Pilot Program

During the Regular Council Meeting of 26th February, Council approved a motion for the:

 "introduction of an Urban Hen Pilot Program to be run for a period of one year in accordance with the terms and conditions set out within the Urban Hen Pilot Program Agreement and the Urban Hen Licence Application Form with a start date to commence sometime in 2024 (tbc) subject to all of the:

  1. licencing conditions being met,
  2. preliminary program administrative tasks being completed and implemented".

The Town is now accepting applications from residents who wish to enrol on this pilot project.

The application form can be viewed and downloaded using the link below.

Urban Hen Pilot Program Application Form

Please note:

  • This pilot project will be for a fixed term of 12 months (start date to be determined),
  • The maximum number of permitted licences to be issued for this pilot project is 4 in total.

Residents will be required to sign a formal agreement that sets out the terms and conditions of the pilot project.

A copy of the agreement document is attached below for reference.

Urban Hen Licencing Agreement

Please ensure that you have read the terms contained within both the application form and the agreement document before you apply for a licence.

You must be able to satisfy all the terms and conditions of the program in order to obtain a licence.

On completion of the application form please contact the Town Office to arrange an appointment with the CAO.

The CAO will review the application form and all the other required documents to be submitted prior to making a decision on whether to issue a Urban Hen Licence.

Documention on Hen Ownership is provided below for reference.

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