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Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)

FCSS delivers programs that aim to enhance the social well-being of individuals, families, and the community as a whole. 

FCSS is a program offered to Municipalities, by the Province of Alberta, Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Programs are financed 80% by Provincial funding and 20% by the Town of Bowden. 

The Town of Bowden has some degree of autonomy to determine specific and relevant FCSS programs.

FCSS Contact Information:                                             

FCSS is located in the “Olde Library Community Centre” at 1700 - 23 Street (south of the Igloo Arena)

The principle contact is:                                                                                          
Jade Prefontaine

Cell: 403 224 2207


Facebook: FCSS Bowden

Instagram: FCSS Bowden