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Property Tax & Property Assessment

The 2022 Combined Taxation & Property Assessment Notices were mailed out on 25th May.


Due to the current processing delays at the Province of Alberta Land Titles Office recent ownership and mailing address changes may not be reflected on the 2022 Combined Assessment and Taxation Notices.

If you are a new property owner and you have not received your 2022 tax billing and assessment notice, please contact the Town Office to request a copy.

The deadline for payment of the 2022 property taxes is June 30, 2022.

Property taxes raise revenue to fund and maintain Town services, facilities, and infrastructure.

The annual Taxation Notice (invoice) covers the period from January 1st through to December 31st each year.

Revenues from Property Tax payments fund the Town's Operating and Capital Budget (to provide for Town services). 

Council sets the property tax rates and publishes these each year in the Taxation Rate Bylaw. The current Taxation Rate Bylaw (04/2022) was passed by Council on 24 May 2022.

The property tax rate forms the base from which the total amount of tax a property owner must pay, is determined.

A part of the total property tax collected by the Town is requisitioned by the Alberta Government for the School Foundation Fund.