Electronics Recycling (NEW service)

The Town has entered into a pilot program with Alberta Recycling Management Authority to provide a collection site within the Town for the recycling of domestic electronic items.

Located on the northwest corner of the Arena parking lot, residents can now drop off unwanted electrical items* at this collection site.

* specific items ONLY as listed below, 


by reference to the Household Electronics Recycling Guide (found within the "Resources and Useful Links tab opposite) that provides further details on acceptable / non acceptable items and the operation and workings of this program.

  • Small domestic & kitchen countertop appliances 
  • Electronic toys & games & musical equipment
  • Audio visual items (speakers, CD players etc)        
  • Telecoms (phones, cell phones, modems, routers, etc)                           
  • Power & air tools (drills, grinders, table saws, etc)    
  • TV’s                                      
  • Desktop computers (PC's), Laptops & Tablets
  • Computer monitors /  flat screens    
  • Printers (including ink cartridges) / Fax machines       
  • Household lighting
  • Lawn & Garden equipment (but NOT gasoline powered items)
  • large kitchen & household appliances (eg: fridges / electric stoves / washers / dryers / freezers)
  • commercial light fittings / fluorescent tubes 
  • all gas powered gardening tools (eg: lawn mowers / weed trimmers)
  • residential air conditioning units (containing refrigerant / freon)
  • all commercial and trade electrical items