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Public Works

Our small team of Public Works employees operate, maintain and repair Town facilities, infrastructure, equipment, and publicly owned areas.


Public Works is responsible for the delivery of Town services relating to:

  • infrastructure repairs and maintenance, (streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, alleyways, signage, greenspaces, etc).
  • water distribution, wastewater collection and storm water collection
  • utility connections and services
  • installation, maintenance and repair of fire hydrants, water valves and water meters 
  • snow clearing and sanding operations 
  • road line & curb painting, sign maintenance, pothole and patching repairs
  • public land grounds and facilities maintenance including grass cutting and tree maintenance
  • cemetery maintenance and burial services
  • operation, maintenance and upkeep of municipal vehicles, capital equipment, facilities and buildings,  (including the Town Administration Office, Public Works Shop, FCSS Building, Pumphouse & Reservoir, Fire Hall, Quonset, Community Action Park, and the Arena)

Where necessary external contractors are used to provide specialist services or equipment either as part of a planned preventative maintenance program or in response to emergency situations, (eg: snow removal, street sweeping, water mains breaks, sewer flushing, road resurfacing, etc).

Report A Problem

If you need to report a problem or require advice or assistance on a specific matter please contact us via the email link provided below:

Emergency Assistance (24 hours) 

If you need to inform us of an urgent matter please contact Public Works using the emergency number:

403 224 3621

This should only be used for urgent or serious matters, (eg: to report a water main break, or storm damage etc).