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The Chief Administrative Officer is the administrative head of the Municipality, responsible for implementing the policies set by Council and for coordinating the Towns’ day to day operational programs.

The Town Administration team includes: Admin Office, Public Works, Arena and Parks staff.

Principal Contacts

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)Rudy Friesen
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Jacqui Molyneux
Legislative & Municipal ServicesArno Glover
CommunicationsMelissa Christoffersen
Reception & Utility BillingJen Masching
Bylaw OfficerCAO
FCSSJade Prefontaine
Arena OperatorsAnnette Boomer /  Cody Atkinson

Contact Information

Admin Office (403) 224 3395 Toll Free # 877 755 2722
Bookings for Igloo Arena
Public Works Emergency (out of hours)
(403) 224 3621
Bylaw(403) 224 3395 (Town Office)
(403) 224 2207
Igloo Arena
(403) 224 2445
Office hours           
8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday

Town of Bowden Municipal Statistics (as at end 2021)