Developments Permits & Proposed Development Notices

Development Permits

A Development Permit issued by a Development Officer does not come into effect until 21 days after the date on which the notice of proposed development is given (please refer to the Town's Land Use Bylaw for further information on Development Permits and Notices).

Any person who deems themselves affected by the issuance of a Development Permit may appeal to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board within 21 days of the date of decision.

All appeal applications must be submitted to a Red Deer County, Development Officer.

Notice of Proposed Development (Conditional Permits - subject to appeal)

Notice of Decision for Development Permit DB21008 Lot11 Block6 Plan3942J Williams,Aaron

Development Permits Issued (2021)

Permit - Hubschmid - Lot 11 Block 1 Plan 1905H

NW 23-34-1-5 Lot 40 BLOCK 18, PLAN 710505

Notice of Development - Lot 13 Block 2 Plan 1905 - 3 Duplexes

Permit - Webb - Lot 16  Block 23 Plan 821 0907

Notice of Development - Lot 1 Block 1 Plan 9310719 - Discretionary Use Billboard Sign

Permit DB-21-002 Pattison Outdoor Advertising

Proposed Manufactured Home Lot 40 Block 18 Plan 710505

Permit BRPR-21-011 TSHUMA 2031-18 Avenue

Development Permits Issued (2020)

2020 Planning Permits