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Garbage and Recycling

The Town provides residential solid waste collection services as follows:

  • Roadside residential pickup for household garbage waste (black bin) and household recycling waste (blue bin),
  • Compost, leaf, and yard waste collection from the 3 designated green waste drop off locations,
  • Residential Branch collection (seasonal service per published notices), 
  • Household electronics recycling at the designated collection point (near the "igloo" Arena).


Our contractor “Environmental 360 Solutions” picks up residential garbage every Monday.

Household garbage (black bins) and recyclables (blue bins) are picked up on alternate weeks.

Environmental 360 only picks up normal day to day household garbage and recycling materials.

To assist in the automated collection please ensure: 

  • that your wheeled bins (carts) are on the street (wheels facing the curb) by 7:00 AM (but not on a sidewalk, driveway or easement or public right of way).
  • that the wheels are closest to the curb
  • that the cart is at least 1 meter away from any vehicle and clear of any obstruction (to ensure that the mechanical arm can operate safely)

Bins that are too close to vehicles or not on the street may not be emptied. 

All items of solid or recycling waste must be fully contained within the cart. Overflowing items and free-standing set beside the cart will not be collected. 

Please refer to the Solid Waste Bylaw for specific details on residential sold waste collection.

Items such as, car parts, metal, paint, bulky items (furniture), trade waste or construction materials are not accepted.
Residents are therefore responsible for the disposal of non-acceptable solid waste items.

Residents should use one of three waste transfer stations for the disposal of large waste items, building and trade waste and other non-acceptable items:

  • Innisfail
  • Horn Hill (east of Penhold) 
  • Olds 

Household electrical appliances (that cannot be collected through the residential collection service) can be taken to the Town’s electronics recycling location. 

Please refer to the information guide for specific details on acceptable and non-acceptable waste items for residential collection.