Tax Payment Methods

Property Taxes can be paid in the following ways:

  • By visiting the Town Office and making a payment in person by either cheque, cash, or debit card (only).
  • Online payments can be made through most financial institutions directly from your bank account.
    Please search for, "Town of Bowden" or "Bowden Town of" and select the option Taxes (not utilities).
  • Credit Card payments can be made (online only) using the  Pay Simply option.
    Pay Simply
    Please select "Bowden (Town) Taxes" and take note of the processing times and the payment fees.

Alternatively, the Town provides a tax payment program (Tax TIPPS) that allows for a monthly payment (automatic debit) to be taken from your bank account. 

This occurs on the 15th day of each month and allows residents to pay the annual tax levy over a period of twelve months, from January to December.

Please note that to be eligible for the Tax TIPPS program your tax account must be in good standing (with no overdue balances). 

Application is generally a straightforward process. 

Please visit the Town Administration Office bringing with you a void cheque or a Pre-Authorized Debit Form (supplied by your bank). You will be asked to complete and sign Monthly Tax Payment Plan Application form.

The monthly amount to be withdrawn will be calculated based on the previous year's levy divided by 12 months. This amount will be adjusted in July of the current year based on the new levy. You are exempt from all penalties as long as you are in good standing on the program.

If you require a tax receipt in respect of any payment made please contact the Town Administration Office.