Compost, Grass, Leaves & Trees

There are 3 collection sites conveniently located within the Town (concrete bordered containers) for the disposal of garden and horticultural waste.

  • At the corner of 25th Ave / 22nd Street
  • At the rear of the Arena (west side)
  • At the back alley of Westview Crescent in the park

These bins accept grass clippings, leaves, and compost material (only). 

Please do not dump black garbage bags, flowerpots, or large branches.

Larger items (tree branches, tree roots, large shrubs, and bushes) can be taken directly to the Burn Pit (located across the CP Rail tracks just beyond the South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Station & RV Dump).

On a biweekly basis Public Works will pick up yard waste placed near a property boundary or rear alleyway, provided that:

  • branches are not greater than 1 metre in length
  • all lateral branches are removed from the main branch 
  • pruning’s are piled or bundled together and are neat and tidy
  • clippings and small items of yard waste are placed in an approved compostable collections bag


Public Works are not responsible for trimming large branches into smaller manageable items.