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BYLAW 11/2002


WHEREAS, pursuant to the Libraries Act, Being Chapter L-11 of the Revised Statutes of Alberta, 2000, and amendments thereto, a Council may establish a Municipal Library Board, and

WHEREAS, Council has deemed it expedient to establish a Municipal Library Board to ensure the provision of Library services and the distribution of library funds as provided by the Town of Bowden and the Province of Alberta, and

WHEREAS, the Town of Bowden desires to form a Municipal Library Board to oversee operations and management of the public library operating within the boundaries of the Town of Bowden and immediate area;

NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Town of Bowden, in the Province of Alberta, hereby enacts as follows:

    a) "Board" - means the Bowden Library Board
    b) "Town" - means the Town of Bowden
    c) "County" - means Red Deer County
    d) "Council" - means the Council of the Town of Bowden
    a) The Bowden Library Board is hereby established.

    b) The Bowden Library Board shall consist of the following voting membership:

    i) A minimum of One (1) and a maximum of Two (2) representatives of Bowden Town Council
    ii) Factoring the number of Town Council appointees, between Three (3) and Nine (9) members at large who can be residents of the Town of Bowden or Red Deer County
    c) Members at large shall hold office for three (3) years, provided that on the first appointment, Town of Bowden Council from among such existing members shall designate members who shall hold offices:
    i) until the last day of October following the date of appointment;
    ii) until the last day of October of the second year following the date of appointment; and
    iii) until the last day of October of the third year following the date of appointment,
    respectively, so that as nearly as possible one-third of such members shall retire each year. The term of any member shall not exceed nine consecutive years.

    d) Notwithstanding Section 2(c) & 2(d), Council shall review annually the membership of the Board and may in consultation with the Board Chairman, for any reason it considers proper, revoke the appointment of its appointees and appoint a successor to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.

    e) Any member of the Board may resign at any time by sending written notice to that effect to the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town.

    f) A member ceases to be a member of the Board when he or she;

    i) fails to attend three (3) consecutive regular meeting of the Board; unless such absence is due to illness or authorized by resolution of the Board;
    ii) ceases to be a resident of the Town or County;
    iii) is hired in any capacity with the Town; or
    iv) ceases to be an elected member of the Town Council
    g) Where a member ceases to be a member of the Board before the expiration of his or her term, Council shall appoint another eligible person for the unexpired portion of the term.

    h) At the first meeting of the Board in November of each year, the members shall select a chairperson and a vice chairperson who shall act in the absence of the chairperson. The chairperson shall not be a member of Council. At the first meeting of the Board in November of each year, the members shall select a Secretary to record, prepare and distribute minutes of all board meetings.

    a) The Board shall hold a minimum of six (6) regular meetings of the Board annually at a time and place so designated by the chairperson. More regular meetings may be scheduled, as required, by the Board.

    b) A special meeting may be called by the chairperson of the Board at any time or by special request of any three members of the Board.

    c) A majority of the members of the Board constitutes a quorum.

    The Board shall:
    a) manage, regulate and control the library within the Town;

    b) prepare estimates of the sums required for the annual payment of any outstanding debentures;

    c) prepare estimates of the sums required for the expense in detail of maintaining and managing of municipal libraries under its control and for making purchases required therefore;

    d) purchase of books, periodicals, newspapers and other articles of educational, cultural or artistic value deemed by it necessary for the library;

    e) do all things necessary to keep the items referred to in (d) in a proper state of preservation and repair;

    f) provide fixtures, furnishings, fuel, lighting, and the supplies deemed necessary by the Board for the proper maintenance and accommodation of the library;

    g) appoint and dismiss such librarians, officers and employees as it deems fit;

    h) keep distinct and regular accounts of its receipts, payments, credits and liabilities and maintain audited accounts and report audited accounts to the Town Council immediately upon completion of the audit;

    i) notwithstanding, the requirements of the foregoing, the Board may in the interests of efficiency and economics earned, delegate certain administrative duties to be carried out by the Town on behalf of the Board;

    j) report to the Town Council:

    - on an annual basis on organizational relationships, service goals and evaluation, future plans and goals; and any other matter deemed appropriate.
    - on any substantive proposed change/commitment in financial requirements, long-term plans and/or community service levels.
    k) establish member user fees.
    Unless authorized by the Town Council, neither the Board nor any member thereof shall have the power to pledge the credit of the Town in any manner whatsoever nor shall the Board or any member thereof have the power to authorize any expenditure not appropriate or expend public monies in any manner whatsoever beyond those expenditures indicated in the library budget as approved by Council.
This Bylaw shall come into effect upon third and final reading.

Bylaw No. 668 is hereby repealed.

Read a first time this ________ day of _______________________________________, 2002.

Read a second time this ________ day of ____________________________________, 2002.

Read a third time and finally passed, this ________ day of ________________________, 2002.


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